The End of the Trip

After recovering from our illnesses, we went on the hunt for the second jab of the vaccine. Despite a few hiccups this went pretty smoothly, and we gratefully left Santiago for our last little excursion! Heading to the coast, we’d found some relaxing campsites in surf towns a little further south. As we drove and passed many of the towns and campsites along the way everything seemed like a bit of a ghost town. The same story played out as we pulled in to the surf spot we’d chosen. It seemed a really trendy town with a bunch of lovely cafes and shops.. except they were all shut. A combination of the cold and also the lack of surf kept most people away from this destination in May/June time. Almost symbolically, after trying 3 campsites and finding none of them open, we wild camped for the last time.


No surf here


Those van door views

We found a car park behind a bunch of food trucks, on the corner of the town. It granted us a beautiful back drop of the sun setting over the ocean, although it was a little windy and cold for the night! It was a truly beautiful campsite, but we didn’t fancy spending another day in the dead surf town, so found another campsite which we contacted beforehand and made sure were open. It was about a 2 hour drive back the way we came, but at least it was the correct direction for getting back to Santiago. We opted to spend two nights there, and had the place to ourselves.


We had this place all to ourselves plus a few horses!


Final meal preperation


Mikey and Betty

Despite it being open the shower was completely cold, and we had to let ourselves in! Still, we’d stocked up on food so we could cook up a shepherds pie for dinner (minus the oven cooking part) and had a relaxing evening. The next day we went for a run and realised there was nothing to be had in the town, so spent the day relaxing at the campsite with leftover shepherds pie for our last campsite dinner. It was a sad night, and we reflected on the entirety of our trip – both the ups and the downs. Despite us having one more night in the van that would be spent in the gas station car park so not the most romantic destination!


Final camp spot


At least the garage had good showers and nice toilets!

The next morning we headed back to the city, and had some work done on the car. We had some suspension repairs done as we wanted the buyers to have at least a few months of plain sailing on their trip! We were warned the work could take all day, so we headed to check into our AirBnB which would be our home for the next 10 days. We unpacked what little we had, however at about 4pm that evening we discovered that there was a chance the van wouldn’t be done until the next day. This left us in a bit of a pickle as all of our stuff was in the van! We insisted we really needed it done that day, and luckily they obliged as the last part arrived at 6pm and they worked till 6:30 installing the last piece!


Betty in the garage…again!


Our new home for nearly two weeks!

Happy that it would be our last drive, we headed back to the apartment however when we got there we noticed that one of the wheels was at quite the angle! We sent a picture to the garage who told us to come back the next morning first thing to try to get it fixed. Needless to say the drive through rush hour Santiago traffic with a bent wheel was a little nerve racking – especially with passers by pointing it out! Still Annie did a fantastic job at keeping Mikey calm through the traffic, a unique skill it has to be said. They managed to repair the problem, which was an unrelated part breaking, and only charged us for parts which was lovely of them. Then we drove back to the apartment and finally we were finished driving!

We spent the next couple of days cleaning the van & unpacking all our things in preparation for the buyers to arrive. 2 days later they arrived and we started the process of the paperwork to hand over the van. It was 3 days of running back and forth to countless different government offices, but we managed to have it done by the Friday! Unfortunately the money hadn’t cleared and it was unlikely to until the Monday, so Arthur & Mallory loaded the van with their stuff and we took them around everything we could in terms of handing it over! Then we all enjoyed watching the Champions league final and patiently waited until Monday.


It all started with a visit to the Chilean lawyers


Then to the Ministry of foreign affairs


Next stop the Canadian Embassy


Paperwork is all done!

Come Monday morning the money cleared and we were ready to hand the keys over! We took some ceremonial photos and watched with heavy hearts as Betty drove away, taking solace in the fact that at least it was to start another adventure rather than to be the end of another one. Feeling a little deflated, it was nice to hear later in the day that they had made it across the border with no issue with the paperwork.


Mallory and Arthur


Bye betty

What followed was a relaxing week of eating in nice restaurants (including the Tapas one pictured below), cooking good food, running in the park next door and a bit of life adming to prepare for our return to the UK. Somehow the week absolutely flew by and it was time to head to the airport! We settled into our seats for the 14 hour journey home. It had been a trip of a lifetime, one which we surely will remember until we’re old and grey. If nothing else a great testing ground to prove that we can live together successfully as we look forward to the next chapter in our lives in an apartment with running water and standing room!




Thank you for following our journey.

5 thoughts on “The End of the Trip

  1. Michael Connolly says:

    Wow thank you both for sharing your marvellous adventures with us all, and although a little sad to say goodbye to Betty we are all glad to have you both back safe and well with us !

    Lots of love pops



  2. Maggie sheridan says:

    Hi Annemarie and Mikey, have loved hearing about all your adventures, good luck for the future,
    Best Wishes,
    Maggie and John x


  3. Maggie Sheridan says:

    Hi Annie and Mikey, have so loved your story, the pictures have been fantastic.
    Best Wishes to you both on your return to the UK
    Maggie Sheridan xx


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