Surprise visit home!

There’s something comforting about going to an airport. It might sound weird but we’ve missed them in the last year! Having only flown once (to Cuba) we were strangely buzzing for our long haul flight. It was also made a lot more comfortable by the fact that the premium economy tickets were cheaper than the economy fares, so we were treated to express check in, bigger seats, a nicer meal and an express baggage pick up on the UK side. Unfortunately now we’ve tried it it’s going to be hard to go back to normal tickets!


Flying home with more space and Gin and Tonics in Premium!

The nicer seats meant we slept well on the plane, and we found a nice bar to pass the 5 hour layover in Toronto (which probably also helped with the sleeping…). We landed at 8am in the morning and Mikey’s sister Anna kindly picked us up. What a strange feeling to pile into a small beetle and be driven on the wrong side of the road! Next we got back to Mikey’s house to meet the dog for the firs time and surprise both of his parents. As they had no idea about our return the look on their faces made the whole tickets priceless! We went for a curry that night to satisfy our craving for an Indian in England and settled into bed.


Finally getting to meet Lucy!

(We’re lacking in photos from certain parts of the trip as we were just enjoying being home and didn’t always have phones on hand!)

Over the next couple of days we separated (!) and Annie headed back to Coventry while Mikey stayed in Kent. We both saw family members for the first time in almost a year and caught up with friends, which was a lovely opportunity. That said it meant we were so exhausted by the time our short trip home was over. On Saturday Annie returned to Kent for a leaving party as Mikey’s sister was moving to Korea on the following Monday. Then the following day it was back up to Coventry for Annie to see more friends and some new houses!


Anna making us vegan sushi!!


Speeches at Anna’s party!

On Wednesday Mikey travelled to Coventry and we prepared for the main reason we’d come home – the wedding of Matt & Jade. The night before we travelled down we went for dinner with Annie’s parents to a brilliant restaurant followed by an even better small brew pub – it was so nice to have craft beers! Then the next morning on Thursday we headed down to the Cotswolds in two cars, in preparation for the wedding. We had a lovely cottage to stay in and headed into the quaint town of Tetbury for an English pub dinner (Fish & Chips). It was comforting to be home.


Mikey and Annie’s dad – beers at the brew pub!


Tetbury town

Friday morning came and Annie had an early start to go and get her hair and make-up done. Meanwhile Mikey & the rest of the family headed to the venue to get ready and wait for the day to start. It’s incredible how long it felt like we were waiting for the 2pm start time and then as soon as the day started it felt like it was over in a flash! What an incredible day though.


The Isons


Matt’s speech!


The beef was divine


Being the most dressed up we’ve been in the past year

The venue they had picked was absolutely stunning, and the service was fantastic. Jade looked amazing coming down the aisle as did all the bridesmaids, and Annie led them out with a big beaming smile on her face! Then it was outside for photos in what was a little chilly weather but surprisingly warm considering the time of year. Following the reception we had the speeches before dinner which were all fantastic and Matt absolutely nailed his! Then beautiful melt in the mouth steak for dinner and an evening of dancing and good drinks. The cigars we had bought from Cuba went down a treat and were all finished within minutes of them being opened!


Bridal gang!



Late night dancing

Suddenly before we knew it the day was over, and we were there for the final dance and off to bed. We were lucky enough to be staying in the other double room in the bridal suite, which had what must have been the worlds most comfiest bed… We also got to enjoy a continental breakfast in a beautiful setting before we were checked out by 10am – as there was another wedding the same day. The turnaround was incredible in that venue! Finally back into town for a coffee and a sausage sandwich before Mikey headed back to Kent. The next day Annie came down too and it was our last night.


Morning sausage sandwich!




Final meal before flying home – Thanks Karen!!

Our time at home flew by so quickly, but we had such an incredible time. The wedding was fantastic, and seeing friends and family helped to quench our undertones of homesickness. We feel ready to come back out to Costa Rica and drive back into what remains of our travels – hard to believe we’re truly over halfway now and it feels like the end will come creeping up on us! Luckily we have two amazing visitors joining us on our next leg for two weeks so have a busy itinerary planned out there. Bring on the sun!


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