12 Days of Lazing and into El Salvador!

Apologies for the radio silence on our end. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying a break from the internet in a small coastal surf town called El Paredon. It was our next destination after the volcano hike and Antigua we truly felt it was time to warm up, so we did the 2 hour drive to the coast.

There’s not an abundance of places to stay which are on the water with a van, and we’re 100% sure we chose the best one after spending 11 nights in the same place! The small hostal – Mi Casa en La Playa is owned and run by Carlos, Majo and the adorable 4 month old Labrador puppy Tassie. After arriving we felt instantly at home with them and their place was brilliant.


Carlos, Majo and Tassie


Tassie loved coconuts!

We could camp in their garden which meant when we were relaxing in the beach huts we had a view of both the ocean and the van at the same time. We felt so comfortable here that we could leave the van unlocked all day with the doors open to keep it cool – which was something we sorely needed! The temperatures were in the low 30’s in the day but cooled a bit at night which made it the perfect climate for us. The only issue with the temperature was that the beach is volcanic, so the black sand gets scorching hot and you’ll regret if you leave your shoes when you head down to the sea!


View from the van


Running to avoid the hot sand

So how did we fill our 12 days? In hindsight it’s a long time but it didn’t feel long at all. We met a lovely couple, Vincent and Marie from Quebec and spent a lot of time with hanging out with them. One our second morning we got up at 5:45 to go and see some sea turtles released into the pacific which was absolutely incredible! The waves were so big it was a wonder how they’d ever survive, let alone the astonishing fact that they know how to return to the same exact spot in 7 years time.


Taco night with Vincent and Marie


Turtles being released into the ocean

We also attempted to go fishing and rented some kayaks but unfortunately it wasn’t to be, and we found ourselves just getting bitten to pieces by mosquitos in a very smelly mangrove. That was an easy tour to not recommend to guests who arrived…. Mikey enjoyed the surf after the first 2 days when it settled down to a more achievable level, however on our last day a huge wave decided that our surfboard had finished living it’s best life and snapped it in half! Luckily it was only $40 and had lasted us since San Diego so we’re happy with it, and will search for a new one in El Salvador. We also made a simple website for Carlos & Majo whilst we were there which they seemed to appreciate a lot.


Officially broken – the board not Mikey!

Most importantly we enjoyed 50p beers and £2.50 dinners round the corner. The hour long wait to serve food was certainly worth it, as we had pupusas, fish fillets and burritos all for such a cheap price along with bring your own beer! On our second last night another guest Ben bought crab in the town and we brought it to Carlos who made a gorgeous crab soup with mussels, shrimp and fresh fish. It was a fantastic send off! We wished we could have stayed longer but we had to get moving as we are meeting friends down the road and wouldn’t want to be late!


Ben, Carlos and Mikey helping prepare dinner


Fish soup

So it was time to say farewell to Guatemala. We treated ourselves to a hotel for the first time since Cuba on our last night to get a fresh shower (the showers in El Paredon are salt water!). The next morning the border crossing was one of the easiest, we had driven about 30mins north of the sea in order to avoid the truck crossing which meant it was really empty and despite accidentally getting an exit ticket rather than entrance ticket in El Salvador, the whole process only took about 2 hours! Then it was the usual admin of getting a local sim card before we headed to Santa Ana a volcanic campground with gorgeous views of three volcanos.


Driving into El Salvador in matching outfits!



Hello El Salvador

Now we have to admit we sort of got the surf town bug so are heading down to El Tunco, an even bigger surf town to try and find a board to buy!

One thought on “12 Days of Lazing and into El Salvador!

  1. Michael Connolly says:

    50p beers and £2.50 dinners broken surfboard my idea of heaven I’d have stayed there till June !

    Love the turtle photo.



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