Adios Amigos

There was a bittersweetness of arriving back into La Paz into a gorgeous apartment. It was easily the nicest place we’d stayed in months, probably since leaving Vancouver, however it meant our time with Sophie and Charlotte was coming to an end. That said we had a few days in which to cram in a good farewell for them before they went back to rainy England!


Meal in our last apartment

The first night in the apartment we made use of the oven and cooked a nice meal in, enjoyed with a few bottles of wine. The following day we headed back to Balandra beach, one of the first places we’d been with Sophie. This time however we decided to rent kayaks and paddled out in the gorgeous bay. We attempted a race but with no clear start or finish line & only half of each kayak taking it seriously that quickly ended. After lounging for the afternoon we headed back to the apartment and went out for Sophie’s farewell meal.


Taking a selfie of four people in kayaks isn’t the easiest!


How not to kayak!


Sophie’s final meal!


The dinner was certainly an experience. We’d found the restaurant online, but when we showed up it was completely empty. They offered an eclectic menu of Swiss, Italian, Thai and Mexican cuisine. We all opted for the fish of the day as it would have been criminal not to in Baja, where Sophie & Mikey went for the thai green curry Charlotte and Annie went for the fish and pasta. When the plates arrived we realised they literally had a fillet of grilled fish and dry pasta. Not that the pasta wasn’t freshly cooked and lovely but… we kind of expected a sauce!

Then the beginning of two sad days began, Sophie’s last day! We had it all worked out though, we’d booked to go swim with whale sharks that morning. Technically classed as fish, whale sharks are the largest fish in the ocean however are completely docile and are popular to swim with in La Paz. Unfortunately for us, despite the early morning and arriving at the office on time only 3 whale sharks had been spotted by the government planes, which weren’t enough to permit swimming. We were there on the first day of the season so there was always a slight risk. It’s nice to know there’s a level of regulation on the tours, but it still sucks when it ruins your day! So, defeated, we headed to the beach and a spot of souvenir shopping before Mikey took Sophie to the airport.


Charlotte built the best sandcastle!

That evening we were down to three and decided we’d cook some seafood up. We’d actually found some clams the previous day which we decided we’d make an attempt at cooking and enjoyed them with a seafood linguine which Charlotte made as a parting gift. Cooking the myriad of seafood was an experience in itself. For starters we’d never cooked clams, and the largest one had it’s tongue poking out at us before we even started! Similar to mussels, when they’re ready they pop open and we all jumped for joy when each individual one opened. It probably looked like we were celebrating the birth of a child from the outside in.


This was a very exciting moment


This clam definitely scared us with its tongue


The teeth on the squid

Then there was the squid – none of us had any idea that squid tentacles have teeth on them! Razor sharp little circles of teeth which we all agreed would definitely be best removed – sometimes there’s no need for google… Finally though when all was said and done the dinner was delicious and a lovely last evening together.


Thanks for a wonderful meal Charlotte!

On Charlotte’s last day we went to grab a very slow breakfast and finally went to see the Mision in the middle of La Paz, which is on every reputable guide book. Then we dropped her at the airport and suddenly our numbers had halved! We spent the evening preparing for the next day, our first ferry trip with Betty and over to mainland Mexico. It was certainly not going to be a simple as a Booze Cruise.


We had an absolute blast with our two guests though, and thank you both for making the long journey to see us. It’s lovely to have pieces of home brought out and wards off the homesickness. With love & gratitude to Sophie & Charlotte.

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