Cramming Four People into a Two Seater

Whilst not the most well known of Mexican cuisines, we were certainly pleasantly surprised at the quality of the sushi we had in Cabo San Lucas – and as you can see from the photos it was expertly presented. Our glee didn’t last particularly long however, as by the next day we paid the price for our fill of raw fish. In a way we felt cheated that we had got food poisoning from a sushi restaurant, not a $1 taco stand on the side of the road. And worst of all – Sophie had managed to avoid it! She had kept vegetarian the previous day and it proved to be a very good choice.


Definitely looked the part!

Unfortunately we spent the entirety of the following day recovering from our illness, while Sophie went to visit the local beach and to go out for a dinner on her own. It wasn’t the best way of showing our appreciation for her making the journey out to see us! Fortunately the illness lasted only a day, and so the next day we joined Sophie down to the beach and went on a boat tour around the Marina and to El Arco – an arch which reminded us of the one in Malta except with the fundamental difference that it’s still standing!



We’re better!


This rock is meant to be a cougar.


Land’s end


Sophie at one with the Sea lions

The boat was in theory a glass bottomed boat but in reality had a glass window which was covered with life jackets. Nonetheless, for $10 each we had a 45 minute guided tour with a super friendly captain so we were happy. Then we went to a bar on the beach for lunch which was predictably overpriced, but as we were on the beach front of the numerous resorts the entertainment was free! It consisted of tourists from the USA who’d had too much to drink too early in the day embarrassing themselves playing drinking games in an empty beachfront bar, with the DJ on loudspeaker included too. It was a fantastic fly on the wall afternoon.


The ‘glass bottom’


2:00 pm drinking games on the beach!

The next day we got up early and headed to San Jose del Cabo – an arty town with a less heavy party vibe. After unpacking and grabbing lunch we spent the evening cooking a pasta bake in our very own baking dish and then Mikey headed out to the airport to pick up another visitor! It was like Christmas, having two visitors at once and we were so grateful. Charlotte had spent the last week in Costa Rica and had bolted a visit to us in Baja on to the end of her holiday – we were hoping for better weather than Sophie’s first few days! She landed late at 11:30pm so Mikey went to the airport to pick her up, and after a short pullover from the police for being a gringo brought Charlotte back so she could rest up!



San Jose


Art district

On Charlotte’s’ first day with us we headed to the beach so she could relax. Despite being a more laid back town than Cabo San Lucas, it was a challenge just to find a route to the beach that wasn’t through a hotel! Then when we finally reached the beach we settled down under a palm tree and were pretty quickly told to move. Luckily we convinced the member of staff to let us stay, pleading that we’d burn to pieces if we were forced to move. The sea was unbelievably rough (especially as it was doubling up as a toilet) so after probably less than 2 hours we gave up on the beach and headed back home via a small cafe for lunch. The pool was much less stressful to swim in than the Pacific!



Charlotte’s here!


Beach time as the waves were too strong!

That evening we had reservation at a restaurant in town we’d read about as being a must see. It was a taco restaurant with more interesting tacos – including Hoi Sin Duck & Braised Pork! The food was delicious, and we tried a local delicacy Chapulines, aka grasshoppers. They were actually better than we expected. On our way home we stopped for an impromptu photo shoot in the town which may have been down to the wine which went down a little too easy…





Our grasshoppers were very neatly presented!



Here we are!


Here they are!

The morning after no-one was feeling in the best shape, but we had to drive to La Paz which was a 3 hour drive. To help out we shared the driving between us, so each of us spent about 90 minutes in the back. The van was never really equipped to carry 4 people and she was slow up the hills but luckily we made it in one piece, and only with one police stop! We were back to where Sophie had started with us, and ready to explore La Paz again with Charlotte – but after the long drive it was time to unpack and we had a lazy evening in our new apartment. We had somehow managed to land what felt like a mansion – especially compared to living in Betty! We could tell from the off we would enjoy our time in this apartment, and leaving would be tough…


England’s next top models!


Pose 2

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