Giving Betty a Rest

As was becoming our newfound tradition in Mexico, we moved from our Pacific coast campsite to another beautiful beach campsite (we love you Baja!). This one was in the resort town of La Ventana.


Camping in La Ventana

We’d been excited to visit this town for la vienta – the wind. Ever since we’d learnt to windsurf in Hood River people had listed it as one of the best places to go enjoy warm waters and consistent winds. With that being said as we arrived into town it looked a little… deserted. Ready for lunch – we headed to a spot we’d found online for some of our favourite fish tacos.


Fish tacos from a different restaurant as we didn’t take a photo of the ones talked about!

These were the first, and only since then, fish tacos we’d had where the fish hadn’t been fried. And they were truly truly gorgeous. The downside however was that we were now officially in gringo land – lunch cost a whole £10! We’ve become too used to prices down here. Another downside is that people tend to be less patient with our Spanish, reverting to English. We understand why, it’s easier to speak that way but for us it’s nice to be able to practice as much as we can!


Getting dinner ready

After lunch we found a campsite – an official RV park which was £4 a night. It had showers though – an essential in this heat. Wondering where the wind was we went to speak to the bar next door who said it was actually off season, and the wind doesn’t really come until November. Looks like we had a few more days of chilling ahead of us! Or so we thought…


That night was one of the most difficult to sleep we’ve experienced since leaving the desert of Nevada. We were hoping for a cooling sea breeze, but the east coast of Baja backs onto the Sea of Cortez, which is notably warmer than the Pacific with less of a cooling breeze. Coupled with the humidity of the sea air we were sitting out of the back of the van until gone midnight considering our options. We decided to stick it out for the night, but we’d make the decision not to stay again the second night.


The road back to La Paz

Tired from consecutive days of not sleeping too well, we messaged our hosts at the AirBnB in La Paz and asked to check in a day early. It felt all too worth it at £15 a night, and we didn’t feel ashamed or defeated as living in a tiny metal box in 36 degrees is just not all that fun! Luckily they allowed us to come a day early so we headed off to La Paz in good spirits. When we arrived at the apartment we were greeted by Gerardo and his housemate and started to try to pull in. We realised pretty quickly though that we were a few inches too tall to fit through their archway into their driveway.


Pepe with the gate


Pepe without the gate…and without Pepe!

Although it probably would have been fine, they told us that it wasn’t unheard of for break-ins to happen around the area at night. With that in mind they really went the extra mile and got Pepe, the maintenance man, to knock down the archway over the drive! We thought they were joking of course but no, he actually did it! Two hours later we had our car safely parked in the driveway and we could settle into the apartment.


We oven cooked garlic bread and got to watch netflix!

Like two kids in a candy store, we wandered around our new digs. A shower, a toilet and most impressive for us, an oven! We spent the whole following week using the oven, even improvising and making our own baking dish out of tin foil so we could make a pasta bake! The biggest change however was the air conditioning, we could finally sleep. Until around 6:30 when the roosters started, but lets not start splitting hairs…


Very proud of his baking creation!

The real reason for the apartment was to enable us to study our Spanish, and for that it served it’s purpose brilliantly. We made use of the WiFi to make phone calls home and catch up with friends and family and went to the school every day from 9am until midday. The School was a lovely environment to learn in and the classes went quick for both of us – which is a good sign! We used a lot of the rest of the time that week to relax with the large kitchen and living room space, and watched a few films!


El Nopal Spanish school


Mikey adding our country pin to the map!

R&R’d, and equipped with our new Spanish we moved to our next apartment in La Paz, where Sophie will be meeting us shortly! After a 2 hour debacle over parking and whether we could park on the patio or not we finally were allowed to leave the van there so as not to block other people in. We pick up Sophie from the airport tomorrow and are excited to have another member on board the adventure!

3 thoughts on “Giving Betty a Rest

  1. Jade says:

    Ahh man I’m so jealous right now, this looks amazing, especially the fish tacos.
    I’m very impressed with your baking tray making skills!
    Glad to see you’re well and enjoying yourselves, Matt says hi! 🙂 xxx


  2. Michael Connolly says:

    Hi you two
    Shame about the lack of wind in la vienta,
    but I’m sure there’s plenty of wind now Sophie’s turned up !
    So glad the Spanish lessons went well for you both.

    Did Pepe rebuild his gate when you left ?

    So looking fwd to joining you both soon can’t wait to hear some of your stories

    Lots of love pops xxxx


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