It’s time to go

After a year of waiting since booking our flights we’re finally ready to go. Heading off with Anna, and Sophie & Tom – who recently became engaged and are the reason for ensuring we’re home in August 2019….Weddinggggg!

All the stress is fading away and excitement has taken over – we’re definitely ready to go have a Sangria on Copacabana beach!

As you may have known our plan was to head over to Chile at the end of the month to buy a van to drive up to Alaska. This slightly changed at the weekend. Very last minute! Now we’ve booked a flight up to Vancouver to do our van shopping (they are significantly cheaper!) and then drive up to Alaska and then all the way down the Pan American highway and ending the trip in Chile.

The complications and legalities of buying a vehicle in Chile was proving a hassle we didn’t wish to endure. So we swapped things around and are pretty happy now this is the best thing to do.

This is us at the airport….Now we’re off to go have a pint

We’ll keep you posted XX

One thought on “It’s time to go

  1. Soph says:

    Bon Voyage amigos. What was that quote you wrote in my year 11 leavers book? “Reach for the moon and you’ll land among the stars” I hope you do Bulkington proud. See you in Panama kiddo X

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